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UNIQ∙Ǝ! is aimed at inquisitive people, those who are interested in the novelty of design, to the innovators, to designers and architects open to change, willing to welcome technological innovations as an opportunity of vision and renewed creativity.
UNIQ∙Ǝ! is the solution for those who want to apply the same customization to the bathroom and kitchen faucets that are already present in other areas of the home: from lighting, to furnishings, to furniture and its accessories.
UNIQ∙Ǝ! is aimed at all those who want to identify within a functional object a reflection of one’s taste, style and personality, even within a faucet. This is why we turned to some of the most interesting exponents of the contemporary architectural scene, to weave new creative partnerships and compose a new collaboration of literature of design.



Talking about material matter for me, although I think somewhat for all architects, is like talking about your own work tool par excellence. The Latin “materia” is derivative of mater which means “mother”. The etymology of the term suggests how the matter can be considered the constituent foundation of all bodies and all things: the primary substance of which all other substances are formed. But matter is also energy, as claimed by quantum physics, and it is this aspect that particularly interests me.
The material fascinates me when it expresses its tactile and visual 'naturalness' for what it really is and not for what it seems, imitating other materials
Federico Delrosso
We always talk about natural materials, but in reality nothing is usable in its original state: wood, stone, metal, glass, concrete etc. used in architecture, they are always materials that have undergone a process of transformation, processing, extraction, aggregation and synthesis, which leads to a new 'natural' state of the material itself.


The right to the matter has allowed us to develop research on materials and volumes, on internal and external spaces and in the relationship with the natural light, inventing and conceiving new systems of implementation of architecture, whether it is renovations or new constructions.
I believe that the dialogue between project and “industrial artisanship" allows the use of the material, not only as an expressive element of architecture, but also as an empathic device of belonging to a place ...
Alfonso Femia
... to the identity of external and public spaces, but also interior and intimate places of your own habitat that allow you to “feel”, let a place “feel”, a building, the spaces in their different dimensions. Material represents the empathy of architecture for the people who live, use and watch the city. Material matter is capable to speak of a place, of a relationship between elements. It allows you to permanently be in a relationship dimension between two: inside and outside, small and large, night and day. So, we want to promote the experience ... of living life.

UNIQ∙Ǝ! it is the new possibility for designers and architects to shape the material.
It is a new way of interpreting an object that, until now, was only considered functional, and that can now be transformed into something extremely unique and personalized.