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UNIQ∙Ǝ! is aimed at inquisitive people, those who are interested in the novelty of design, to the innovators, to designers and architects open to change, willing to welcome technological innovations as an opportunity of vision and renewed creativity.
UNIQ∙Ǝ! is the solution for those who want to apply the same customization to the bathroom and kitchen faucets that are already present in other areas of the home: from lighting, to furnishings, to furniture and its accessories.
UNIQ∙Ǝ! is aimed at all those who want to identify within a functional object a reflection of one’s taste, style and personality, even within a faucet. This is why we turned to some of the most interesting exponents of the contemporary architectural scene, to weave new creative partnerships and compose a new collaboration of literature of design.


967 ARCH

967Arch, founded in 1999 in Milan, is an architecture studio that addresses architectural design, interior design and product design. From the concept of the project to its final phase, the main principles are extensive work in research, innovation and experimentation. 967Arch has collaborated with both private and public companies, designing offices spaces, laboratories, residential buildings and restoration. The method used by the studio is to work without using any pre-established model, bringing the acquired experience and responding to customer requests. Among the fulfilled projects, 967Arch has performed their talent in Italian offices of influential global companies, residential buildings, interior design and product design projects.
UNIQ-Ǝ! presented itself as a completely challenging avant-garde technological opportunity, raising the bar for a new design approach
967 Arch


Dodo Arslan, who lives and works between Italy and Florida, is an Italian designer with Armenian origins, deemed by Taschen to be among the 90 leading designers and manufacturers in the world. Studio Dodo Arslan, in 22 years of activity, has specialized in the design in the furniture industry, as well as lighting, furnishing accessories and industrial product sectors, and assists acclaimed architects and interior designers in the conception and realization of custom-made furniture (both residential and contract), light installations and art design. Arslan won the Young & Design award, the Mini Design Award, the Pirelli Pzero competition and the Art Directors Club. His products have been exhibited at the Welltech Award at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, at the Inside Art event at the Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation and in various museums and foundations.
Getting in touch with Giovanni and the UNIQ-Ǝ! team I sensed incredible energy and potential and I feel I can completely let myself go
Dodo Arslan


Pasquale Piroso, who graduated in architecture under Prof. Paolo Portoghesi and with whom he collaborated on projects of national importance, founded his own architecture studio in Palazzo Canova, the historic studio of the renowned sculptor Antonio Canova. Here he cares for the restoration of the sculptor’s gallery and develops ambitious projects, always concentrating on the dialogue between art, interior design and lighting design. The essence of each project relies on the development of technology and the relationship between material, light and art. The stylistic signature of Pasquale Piroso and Studio Loft Canova is the “poetics of listening to the location”, the ability to immerse oneself in context and apprehend its innermost nature, giving life to genuine projects dedicated to beauty. There are many publications in architecture magazines that archive the projects he has accomplished and achieved.
Immerse oneself in the framework and grasp the most profound nature of a site to give life to authentic projects in close relationship between materials, light and art
Pasquale Piroso


Gerardo Sannella graduated in architecture at the University of Florence in 1997. In 1998, he moved to Great Britain where he worked in several London Architectural Practices and in 2001 won the Bovis Lend Lease Award for architecture at the Royal Academy in London. In 2002 Sannella returned to Milan as Director of an international firm and worked on different types of projects ranging from retail to luxury residential. In 2012, with Giovanni Feltrin and Yolanda Velasco, he founded MYGG which combines different but complementary expertise covering residential, retail, office, hospitality up to customer product design. MYGG is a young innovative studio of architecture based in Milan, Italy whose projects have been published in the best international journals and newspapers.
The breath-taking idea of creating a ring of water seemed very close to UNIQ-Ǝ!’s view to represent something unique, extraordinary and new.
Gerardo Sannella

UNIQ∙Ǝ! it is the new possibility for designers and architects to shape the material.
It is a new way of interpreting an object that, until now, was only considered functional, and that can now be transformed into something extremely unique and personalized.