UNIQ∙Ǝ! was born from a desire to revolutionize the sanitary fittings industry, making use of new technologies, such as robotics, automation, metal 3D printing, artificial intelligence, all of which already benefit the more dynamic sectors like automotive and aerospace industries.

UNIQ∙Ǝ!’s real challenge was how to transfer from areas of the highest technology to a consumer product like a faucet.

A challenge that crosses ethical decisions of environmental needs; the aspiration to obtain designer products of the highest quality; the selection of materials and finishes; the proposal of new aesthetic and functional forms. Thanks to the collaboration with specialists, researchers, Italian and European universities, UNIQ∙Ǝ! accurately identifies the opportunity of an innovative path in metal 3D printing and in diverse related technologies, which examines both the present and the future.



UNIQ∙Ǝ! is the latest possibility for designers and architects to create previously unimaginable faucet and bathroom systems, even as a singular production, without any manufacturing constraints.

No limits to ideas, no creative restrictions, no problem for installation or after sales assistance.
The ability to create, offered by UNIQ∙Ǝ!, not only refers to faucets but the entire bathroom system. UNIQ∙Ǝ! allows you to embellish settings, thanks to the possibility of creating even small ranges of bespoke products; complete and original, coordinated solutions. UNIQ∙Ǝ! extends its services to customize kitchen environments as well.

We do not produce standard faucets but unique pieces or a unique concept within the bathroom environment


UNIQ∙Ǝ! is the offspring of more than thirty years of experience in the sanitary fittings industry; founder, Giovanni Pitturru envisioned and explored all the novelties, and with the support of his company, SOSITALIA SRL, he ensured that quality and customer care were its main strengths.

These solid foundations enable UNIQ∙Ǝ! to evolve the idea from its initial sketch, progressing throughout all the production process phases, up until its final realization.

UNIQ∙Ǝ!’s staff evaluates the functionality of the project, the manufacturing details (from materials, to surface finishes, to functional precision), and its intended use within the environment in which it is installed, to offer a product of the highest standard, extreme personalization and impeccable performance.


UNIQ∙Ǝ! defines a new material concept, expanding the expressive possibilities to those who design. The metal 3D printing production allows the use of a wide range of pure materials which can contribute to its value and exclusivity of the project:

Stainless Steel AISI 316L, EN 1.4404; Copper and copper alloys; Titanium and titanium alloys; Precious metals: silver, gold, palladium

In full compliance with the most stringent international norms, UNIQ∙Ǝ! only uses lead-free alloys.


UNIQ∙Ǝ! proposes finishes that maintain a conscientious philosophy made of attention to detail, originality and consideration towards the environment.

The uniqueness of the design and an innovative aesthetic concept, are appropriately combined with state-of-the-arte surface finishes and modern colors. A new generation of nickel-free and chrome-free finishes, such as PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) and DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) are being used instead of traditional galvanic finishes.


UNIQ∙Ǝ! is innovation of the production process. The new technologies on which it is based, promotes environmental sustainability: reducing energy consumption, preventing emissions of air pollutants in the atmosphere by completely recycling raw materials. Thanks to the possibility of an on-demand production, UNIQ∙Ǝ! avoids production and warehouse stock, getting as close as possible to a legitimate circular economy path.

UNIQ∙Ǝ! also creates a healthy and safe working environment for its workers, avoiding the use of harmful and dangerous substances. UNIQ∙Ǝ! uses raw materials and production processes that do not release chemical components (chrome, nickel, lead), guaranteeing the purity of drinking water. UNIQ∙Ǝ! it is not just product and production process innovation, but also an ethical way of doing business, wary for the future generations, respecting the land, the people and the environment in which it operates. However, UNIQ∙Ǝ!’s business ethics does not only concentrate on the people and the environment, but on a new way of thinking about innovation, transformation and renewal of the sanitary fittings industry. UNIQ∙Ǝ! has the courage to leave its comfort zone and look beyond what is conventional.